Available now: COVID-19 Announcement Banner

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Available now: COVID-19 Announcement Banner


Author Mike

The UK government is providing daily updates on COVID-19 and its implications for the general public and UK businesses. We understand that it is therefore vitally important to keep your customers up to date with any company news.

Your website is a key space customers go to when they have a problem or a feeling of uncertainty. It’s also a critical point in any new customer’s conversion journey, so a place to make them aware of any changes to service.

We wanted to provide a way for all of our clients to quickly update key messaging while ensuring it is seen by everyone. Therefore, we needed a solution that:

  • Enables the client to see a fast turnaround on updates to messaging
  • Is affordable and fast to implement on their website
  • Works across all devices and screen sizes

This meant that the solution needed to avoid adding any new CMS functionality as the implementation, testing, and future editing process would take too long. 

The Covid-19 Announcement Banner

We have written a piece of Javascript code that we can install on any website via Google Tag Manager. This code creates an announcement banner that can sit anywhere on your website and can be linked to a further internal page. We can control the colour, height, text, call to action button and the link to the internal page. An example of this can be seen below.


COVID-19 banner on the Jackson Lees website


This is available to all of our clients from today. Please contact your account manager to get further information on how you can have this applied to your website.

Not a client? If you have Google Tag Manager enabled on your website, get in touch and we will be able to help in most cases. If you’re unsure if you have Google Tag Manager, get in touch regardless and we can help you find out.