NuBlue (the super company I work for) were approached by a patron of Mercy in Action, a Charity that works to  feed, educate, house, and provide medical support for the vulnerable and abandoned in the Philippines. We were all moved by the stories and projects that they have been a part of; designing and hosting their site for free is just a part of what we’d like to do to help.

Fund raising is the cornerstone of Charitable work, and with the Bath Half 2012, we had a perfect opportunity to contribute some more to Mercy in Action’s work.  Based in Bath, they have a number of tickets for runners who will compete on behalf of their Charity.  The Bath Half is a one of the most establish Half Marathon events in the UK, and is the largest single fund raising event in the South West of England; and as a seasoned veteran of 1 Half Marathon, I jumped at the chance to run for them!

My previous Half Marathon experience was the Leeds Half Marathon in 2011 – it looks like a very different course; the Bath Half doesn’t feature many hills (it conveniently skips them, which is a good thing for anyone who has been to Bath!),and it’s also a two lap race, which will be a pleasant surprise.  I’m also looking forward to running the course for a charitable cause again; it certainly makes the experience more rewarding, as you know it’s not all about overcoming a physical challenge on your own.

To make the fund raising even easier, I’ve set up a Just Giving page.  Donating money is very easy and secure (honestly). They won’t sell your details (good),and once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the Charity.  This is also really important, as it cuts down on admin work at their end, which means that less time and money is being used to run the Charity, and more of it ends up helping those in need.

At the drop in centre

So, we’ve set an initial target of £500 – we’re hoping that we will exceed the target very soon!  But please – if you’ve ever had a great experience with us, if we’ve helped you out, built you a nice site, sorted a problem you were having or provided you with a service that you’re happy with – please consider donating some money through this page.  And if you do – don’t forget to Gift Aid it!  It costs you nothing, but the Charity gets a little bit more.

NuBlue are Web Design/Development and Web Hosting specialists, but that’s not why we’ve posted this (or this! Please, please donate to our Just Giving page! Thanks!

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