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Could Google’s Certified Shop badge get you more sales?

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Google’s Certified Shop program is a free stamp of approval that tells potential customers you’re a trusted online retailer. It can highlight your reliable service and positive reviews, and even increase sales on your site.

About trust online

With more trust comes more sales. It’s the fundamental rule of business. Google is one of the most trusted brands online, and with their badge of approval next to your company’s name you’re giving potential customers just as much reason to use you as they have reason to use Google itself.

About Google Certified Shops

This year the new Google Certified Shops program has been rolled out all over the UK, with the aim of increasing customer confidence in buying from online retailers. In the past month alone we’ve seen just how keen Google is to promote awareness in trust and security for online businesses using their Certified Shop badge – but what does it mean for you?

Many potential customers won’t be familiar with your company, and they’ll have doubts that you’ll need to address before they decide to buy. Doubts like: “Is this a real retailer that I can trust? What if their customer reviews are fake? What if their idea of high quality and value for money falls way short of mine?” A Google Certified Shop badge can remove these doubts. Think of it as a green light for potential customers to click through to your site and make a purchase; a reason to trust you and buy from you. Getting a Google Certified Shop badge can give your site all the trust and authority that people already see in Google’s brand without paying a penny.

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The benefits for customers:

  • Allows you to display the Google Certified shop badge, so customers know they can buy from you with confidence
  • Shows people you’re a trustworthy retailer who consistently delivers reliable products and excellent customer service
  • Free purchase protection – the customer opts in at time of purchase, the protection covers the entire purchase amount, including tax and shipping.
  • Displays customer reviews and stats showing the number of transactions on your site
  • Shows the percentage of deliveries that made it to customers on time

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The benefits for retailers:

  • Could increase your conversions
  • Could increase the size of purchase orders placed with you
  • Attracts customers who use Google shopping
  • Could increase click-through rates on your Google ads
  • Once you qualify to display the badge you can promote the fact that Google believe they can trust your store

Impact on Google search results

At the moment Google’s Certified Shop badge is only displayed on retailer sites, through review extensions of Google shopping and AdWords. But there’s a good chance that sites with Certified Shop badges will also feature in the standard Google search before long, with popular Google Certified Shop sites possibly even enjoying stronger positions in search results. In short, there’s every reason to apply for a Google Certified Shop badge – but that could be just the beginning for increasing sales on your site.

Make sure that your site lives up to its badge

Having a Google Certified Shop badge is a great first step, but there’s much more you can do to ramp up your sales. You’ll want to make sure that your site’s design and performance are working as hard as possible to make you conversions, making your customer’s shopping experience simple, straightforward and enjoyable. If you’re worried that your site may not be getting you enough sales, or if you’re struggling with unreliable hosting and site performance, we can help.

For irresistible web design and first-class site performance, plus the know-how to get your products and services seen by more customers, call Nublue on 0800 033 7072 or click here to tell us what you need. We’ve got an awesome team of experts who can’t wait to speak with you and help give your website the trust – and footfall – that it deserves.


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