From News Feed to Timeline and now to Graph Search, Facebook has built its “three pillars” and continues to evolve and grow. Last week, Facebook announced the launch of its own internal search engine called “Graph Search”.

According to Facebook’s newsroom, its mission is to “make the world more open and connected” and it achieves that by offering tools that delineate relationships with the individuals, the products and the organisations they care about. Therefore, the “Graph Search” tool has been created to formulate these relationships in a useful way both for the people and the companies who use Facebook.

Graph Search Application

Graph Search will appear as a new bigger search bar in a few weeks time in everybody’s Facebook page and it will be available in a beta version until its complete adoption. Graph search may be presented as the new search engine but it has some key differences from web search. First of all, Graph Search is mainly for an internal search on Facebook and for people that have a Facebook page. Furthermore, people will be able to combine phrases and get results through Graph Search and not just use keywords to get results as on a web search. For example, from now on you have the option to gather information about people, places, products, companies, photos and so on, either all at the same time or separately.  For example; “Restaurants in Manchester my friends have been to” or “Music my friends like”.

Facebook Graph Search


Unlike web search, Graph Search has been created with privacy settings, just as everything else on Facebook. So you have the option to not share your interests with the public and not appear in someone’s search results. This means that the content will vary among users depending on the privacy settings that everyone uses.

Graph Search Privacy

Business Importance

It seems that Graph Search will be a problem solver for many businesses. Companies spend a lot of money on market research in order to identify their target audience, their interests, their location etc. Graph Search will make businesses’ lives easier and from now on marketing campaigns through Facebook will be more valuable.

Word of mouth has been taken to another level and every single “like” on a page or a discussion around this page will be a success for the company. Companies will have the opportunity to personalise their advertisements and offer priceless value services to its targeted audience.


Graph Search is a promising tool for marketers and as analysts suggest Mark Zuckerberg and his team may introduce a specific application for Graph Search in the near future directly related to businesses.  On the other hand, what does Graph Search mean for users? Graph Search will likely be Facebook’s best application for web “explorers”.

Will users accept it? How user friendly will it be? The future is promising…

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For further information, click on the following link: Introducing Graph Search

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