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How to create a domain administrator

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This guide will show you how to create an additional Plesk user in the event that you need to give access to your hosting control panel to a third party, such as your developer. There are lots of reasons for doing this and this guide will show you how to tweak the permissions and access you grant the new user. Please note that it’s always best practise to create a backup of your domain before allowing a third party access to it.

1) Log into your Plesk Control Panel and select your Domain, then ‘Manage Hosting’.



2) Next select the ‘Users’ tab.



3) Select the ‘Users roles’ tab.



4) From here you can create a custom user role. In this example we’ll create a Domain Administrator for the polka.shorts domain and give them permission to access Plesk, configure FTP accounts and manage databases for this site. To create a new user role, select ‘Create User Role’.



5) You can now name your new user role and tweak the permissions you give this user. In this example, we’ve granted permissions to the user to allow them to ‘Create and manage databases’ and ‘Create and manage additional FTP accounts’. Click ‘OK’ when you’re done.



6) You should be able to see your new User Role in the list below. As you can see, there are no users assigned to this role yet so to create a user you’ll need to browse back to the ‘User Accounts’ tab.



7) Select ‘Create User Account’. In the following menu you can configure your new user. You can assign the user a fresh email address from one of your domains (assuming the email is hosted on this server of course) or specify an external email account.

You’ll need to select your new User Role from the dropdown menu and update the ‘Access to Subscriptions’ dropdown menu to specify which subscription your user can access. It’s unlikely that you want to give them access to ALL your sites, so make sure that you update this setting.

Finally you can specify a username and password. When you’re all done, select ‘OK’ to continue.



8) And you’re done! As a final check, we would recommend logging out of Plesk and attempting to log back in with the username and password you’ve assigned your new user. This is a great way to check that the logins you’re passing on work and that the new user has all the required access (and make any changes to your site that you would prefer they didn’t!).



9) Once again, it’s always a good idea to take a backup of your domain before giving access to a third party. If you wish to rescind access for this user in future, you can simply log back in and remove the user from within the ‘Users’ tab or simply update their password so that they’re no longer able to access the panel.



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