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How to set up Ecommerce CDN for your WordPress site


Author Stefan

1) Log in to your WordPress site.

CDN WordPress 1

2) Select ‘Plugins’ from the left-hand menu bar and click ‘Add New’ from the drop-down menu.

CDN WordPress 2

3) Type ‘W3 Total Cache’ into the plugins search bar and press enter.

CDN WordPress 3

4) Under ‘W3 Total Cache’ in the search result, click ‘Install Now’.

CDN WordPress 4

5) Once the plugin has installed, click ‘Activate Plugin’.

CDN WordPress 5

6) Click ‘Performance’ in the Plugins menu.

CDN WordPress 6

7) Head to ‘General Settings’ on the menu bar, scroll down to the CDN section and tick the ‘Enable’ box. You’ll also need to select the CDN Type, which is ‘Generic Mirror’ for Nublue CDN. Next, click ‘Save all settings’.


8) Now you’ll need to configure your Ecommerce CDN package. You’ll see the message ‘A configuration issue prevents CDN from working’. Click on ‘Specify it here’.

CDN WordPress 9

9) In the configuration window, enter your CNAME record.

CDN WordPress 10

10) Here you can add multiple CDN resources if you need to. Once you’re done, click ‘Save all settings’.

CDN WordPress 11

11) To enable your Ecommerce CDN, return to ‘General Settings’ in the left menu. Scroll down to the CDN section and click ‘Save all settings’.

CDN WordPress 12

12) And you’re done! You have now set up Ecommerce CDN for your WordPress site.