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How to update DNS records in Plesk

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This guide will show you how to update your domain’s DNS records from within the Plesk Control Panel. Please note that you will only be able to update your domain’s DNS records from within the panel if…

  • The domain uses our nameservers (in most cases this will be,
  • You’ve added the domain already to your Plesk Control Panel.

1) Log into your Plesk Control Panel and browse to your domain, then ‘Manage Hosting’. In this example, we’ll update DNS records for my polka.shorts domain.

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2) Click on ‘Show More’ to reveal the advanced settings for your domain.



3) Click on the ‘DNS Settings’ tool.



4) From this menu you can select an existing record to edit by clicking on it. Alternatively you can choose to add a new record. In this example, we’ll add records for my domain to use Google Mail. We’ll begin my removing the current A record for mail.polka.shorts. You can remove a record by checking the box next to it and clicking on ‘Remove’.



5) The next screen prompts for confirmation that we want to remove this record. You’ll need to check the button for ‘Confirm removal’ and click ‘OK’.



6) In the next screen, you’ll notice that the deleted record is still there but appears with a line struck through it. This is because any changes to your domain’s DNS zone need to be confirmed before the changes take effect. We’ll do this by clicking ‘Update’ – in this example there’s a few more changes to show you, but you can click ‘Update’ at any point to confirm the change(s) you’ve made, or hit ‘Revert’ to cancel them.



7) Now we’ll update an existing DNS record. Click on the record in question (I’m using the MX record here as an example) to select it. In the next screen, you can specify the new values for the record and since this is an MX record, we can update the priority of the record too. Click ‘OK’ to update your record.



8) Again, you should notice the warning message and the exclamation mark next to your new record. This is because the changes haven’t yet been confirmed.



9) In order to add a completely new DNS record, click on the Add Record icon at the top of the page.



10) You’ll be presented with a similar menu where you can select the record type from a drop-down menu.



11) You can create the DNS record you require here and click OK when you’re done. In this example, I’ve repeated this process several times to add additional DNS records.

12) When you’re happy with the updates you’ve made, you can click on ‘Update’ to approve the changes to your domain’s DNS zone.



13) You should now see something similar to this:



14) And you’ve successfully updated your domain’s DNS records! Please bear in mind that ANY DNS changes you’ve made will not be instantaneous. They take time to propagate out globally and it can take up to 48 hours for this to complete, although in most cases we would anticipate this to complete inside of 3-4 hours. Once again, if your domain does NOT use our nameservers currently then the changes here will not take effect (unless you’re planning to update your nameservers once you’ve made these updates).

In this specific example, there is one final stage. We’ve configured my domain to use external mail whereas it was using mail hosted on the server, so we need to switch OFF the mail service on the server. If the option is there, Plesk will try to route mail through the server in a misguided attempt to be efficient and bypass the DNS look-up process. In order to disable mail, we need to browse to the ‘Mail’ tab and select ‘Mail Settings’.



15) Check the box next to your domain to select it and click on ‘Activate/Deactivate Services’.



16) Select ‘Disable’ from the drop-down menu next to Mail Service and click ‘OK’.

17) You’ve now successfully disabled Plesk’s mail service for your domain.



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