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Fresh New Look for Cumbrian Footwear Pioneers

Kate Brassington

Author Kate Brassington

Kate is the brains behind the content creation. She creates the majority of content for Nublue, building on her skills from her degree.

June 2019

inov-8 unveil their brand-new homepage, designed and developed by the north-west based eCommerce agency and managed hosting provider Nublue.

The refresh came as the next instalment of inov-8’s strategic roadmap as they want to broaden their product offerings, showing customers it is not just trail and fell running shoes they sell, but a wide range of footwear and sports goods, including their world-leading Graphene range.

Improvements have been made to the visual hierarchy of the page with enhancements to the font, icons and the use of the colour to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and modernising the look and feel of the website. inov-8’s brand colour green has been used as accents throughout the page with the rest of the pages colour coming through imagery. Smaller changes also include the page loader symbol to be redesigned to look like a small foot walking up the page to incorporate the company’s logo.

'The team really enjoyed working on this project as it allowed for a lot of creative thinking when producing the designs.There was a real team effort from both Nublue and inov-8 which has meant the project has been completed with fantastic results' Ryan White, Front End Designer.

'At inov-8 we strive to utilise the best technologies in our products and are the world’s first and only users of graphene in our outsoles offering the toughest grip, no compromise – we wanted to bring this message across more strongly online. Our aim for this project was to bring an innovative feel to the homepage and to showcase more of our products to our customers. With the new layout and full site architecture and product categorisation changes, we now deliver a greatly improved user experience for our customers.' Robert Pimlott, Head of Global DTC Commerce at inov-8

Another new feature the team at Nublue have implemented for inov-8 is the ability for omnichannel commerce using their Instagram feed on the homepage. Within this a ‘Shop Instagram’ feature has been enabled that will allow customers to see a product in a picture on the social network, click on the product and be taken straight to the product page to be able to purchase the item without having to leave the social media post. This ‘Shop Instagram’ feature can also be used from the homepage feed itself as the social network feed has been built into the page, allowing customers to view and purchase products from the homepage without even needing to go to the social networks’ site.