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Locked out of your Magento store? How to reset your login from phpmyadmin.

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Everyone loses their keys at some point in their life, and not being able to login to your Magento e-commerce store is just like losing your keys to you’re shop (especially if for some reason the email reminders are not getting through to you)! I recently discovered how to reset your Magento admin/user passwords through phpmyadmin, so thought I’d share it for anyone who is locked out of their store.

1. Open phpmyadmin for your Magento database then click on the database name followed by the sql tab that appears at the top of the screen then run the following command:

and click ‘go’

2. Find the username you want to reset the password for then press the ‘sql’ tab above and input the following code:

Now before clicking ‘Go’ to submit the sql  change the ‘password’ part of  ‘qXpassword’ to what you would like your password to be then submit it.

For Magento versions older than 1.4.1

For older versions of Magento, follow the guide as normal, but use this code in the ‘sql’ tab to update the password:

and click ‘go’

After completing these steps you should be able to login again and update your settings appropriately in the Magento admin interface. I hope this might be helpful to anyone in a jam with their Magento store!

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