So, you’ve got your spanking new PC-BSD (or FreeBSD) installation on your laptop, but now you need to setup wireless internet…. This can be a real pain, so I wrote this guide to show how I setup wireless networking using NDIS.

NDIS allows windows wireless drivers to be converted and used in UNIX based OS’s. This is very useful as there are quite a few wireless cards which aren’t supported directly by FreeBSD.

I’ve seen plenty of people struggling with NDIS in the PCBSD forum, so I thought I’d share how I got NDIS working.

1. Download FreeBSD source using CVSUP by doing [bash]cvsup /root/standard-supfile[/bash]

2. Run the NDISGEN windows driver converter by doing [bash]/usr/sbin/ndisgen[/bash]

3. This creates a *.ko file. When I ran NDISGEN it this was created in my home directory.

4. Copy the .ko file to /boot/kernel/. In my case this was [bash]cp /usr/home/me/i2220ntx_sys.ko /boot/kernel [/bash]

5. Now edit loader.conf by doing [bash]ee /boot/loader.conf [/bash]
6. Add the following lines at the bottom of loader.conf


*** The i2220ntx_sys part is replaced by the name of your *.ko file ***

7. Now lastly edit rc.conf by doing [bash]ee /etc/rc.conf[/bash]

8. I disabled the standard network card on my laptop as it made booting quicker so I have the following at the top of my rc.conf:

[code]#Wireless only
NIC=”ndis” [/code]

If you want both wireless and wired it would be (where rl is your network card).

[code]#Wireless and Standard
NIC=”rl ndis” [/code]

9. At the bottom of rc.conf add the following

[code]ifconfig_ndis0=”inet netmask ssid linksys”
hostname=”PCBSD.localhost” [/code]

** Make sure you input the ssid (name of your wireless connection) part of this otherwise it won’t work **

8. Lastly reboot freebsd. Once this is done open Konsole, login as root and type ifconfig. If everything is setup correctly NDIS will be listed and will show as “status: associated”

9. That’s it!

Hope this is helpful to anyone struggling to setup NDIS

Do you have any questions or queries? Please get in touch today!

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