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Nublue partners with eCommerce giant Shopware

Kate Brassington

Author Kate Brassington

Kate is the brains behind the content creation. She creates the majority of content for Nublue, building on her skills from her degree.

May 2019

Ecommerce agency and managed hosting provider Nublue have announced a strategic partnership with the German eCommerce platform Shopware.

Having worked in eCommerce for nearly 15 years, Nublue are set on broadening their horizons in 2019. By partnering with Shopware, who’s reputation is well-established throughout Germany and several other countries throughout Europe, Nublue hopes to provide more eCommerce options to their customers.

With the eCommerce industry increasingly becoming more competitive for customers, Nublue wants to establish themselves as a platform agnostic agency to ensure their customers find the right solution for their needs. They also hope that by widening their eCommerce platform portfolio with Shopware, they can fulfil a wider range of eCommerce briefs and customer requirements in this ever-changing landscape. As an eCommerce platform, Shopware has flexible configurations, a simple user interface and a rich plugin and extension ecosystem to boost functionality.

'The eCommerce landscape has changed a lot in the last few years, with some really exciting products available for merchants looking to grown online. Shopware is at the forefront of those products, with a great value, experience led eCommerce platform with some excellent forward-thinking features. We can't wait to get our teeth into it and get our first Shopware stores out into the Marketplace.' - Michael Ashworth, Managing Director.

'We are very pleased that we can offer our clients Nublue’s expertise with high-performance system environments and flexible infrastructures. Together with Nublue, we can guarantee that online retailers are on solid ground when it comes to creating their perfect eCommerce solution.' - Max Büscher, Key Account Manager Partner, shopware AG

Shopware has already started to make its mark on Nublue, having visited the Lancaster office for a two-day training session where the Nublue team learnt all about the platform. Along with joint events planned for later in the year, both companies exhibited at eCommerce Show North at EventCity Manchester in May.