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Nublue Partners with The Green Web Foundation

Courtney Walker

Author Courtney Walker

Nublue has joined the green web hosting directory established by The Green Web Foundation. Together we’re heading towards a Fossil-Free Internet by 2030 and helping our clients meet their sustainability goals.

What is The Green Web Foundation?

The Green Web Foundation started in 2006 as a database about the types of energy that powers the Internet. Now they are a leading way for organisations and businesses to determine how green their hosting infrastructure and provider is and provide proof for their green claims. Their key goal is to drive the transition to a green, fossil-free internet by 2030.

By hosting with a Green Web Foundation member, such as Nublue, clients are reducing the environmental impact of their business. To communicate this to users, clients can display a certified badge as a sign that their website or application is hosted on green hosting.

Additionally, The Green Web Foundation has created a Green Web Check tool, which all Nublue cloud hosted sites will now pass.

What we had to do to become a partner

The Green Web Foundation has a set of guidelines each web hosting company must meet to become a certified partner. First, we provided details of our cloud hosting infrastructure for an independent audit. They then assessed the type of energy our hosting infrastructure use to determine our status.
The majority of our infrastructure was powered by renewable energy already. To ensure fully carbon neutral hosting, we partnered with Ecologi to offset any remaining carbon emissions. These come from a single piece of infrastructure located outside of the UK as this data centre doesn’t offset its own carbon yet.

Nublue’s AWS Cloud hosting services are hosted in London data centres as standard, all of which use renewable energy and also offset carbon. We actively have a preference for data centres in Europe and globally that use renewable energy and offset carbon.

In some very rare scenarios where due to geographic location it isn’t possible to provide infrastructure accounting for fossil energy, we utilise our partner Ecologi to offset carbon emissions at a ratio of 4:1.

We are a proud member of the Green Web Foundation and share their vision for a Fossil Free Internet by 2030.

Tom Ashworth, Hosting Director at Nublue

What this partnership means for our services & product

Most businesses have a set of sustainability objectives in mind, as do we. We want to verify that our own practices are as environmentally friendly as possible while helping our clients reach their goals too.

As an official Green Web Foundation green hosting provider, we hold their independent certification as proof of our status. This not only holds us accountable in the future but also acts as a way of backing up our green claims.

By hosting with Nublue, you’re reducing the carbon footprint of our own and our client’s websites by as much as 88% when compared to traditional enterprise data centres. 

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