The beginnings

NuBlue started from humble beginnings. Two brothers, Tom and Michael Ashworth, with nothing more than a beige printer, in a box room so small you couldn’t swing a cat. A year and a half in, the pair decided the box room wasn’t their thing anymore, so after a not-so-heartfelt goodbye, the two moved into another room in the InfoLab21 building, big enough to hold four (or five skinny) people in.

Less than a year after, the team moved into a new office (still in the InfoLab21),later knocking down a wall (with permission!) to the adjoining office to hold a team of fourteen. The final move within InfoLab21 happened in 2011, with two large rooms: the open plan office and accompanying boardroom.

The now

In order to cope with the increase of staff, NuBlue sacrificed comfort (and sensibility) by getting smaller furniture. Eventually, we crossed the line at getting bunk desks, and sadly decided to tear ourselves away from the InfoLab21, after 8 wonderful years.

22 people, 11 unnamed identical fish and 50 NuBlue mugs later…

New office

We moved into the town centre of Lancaster, into an office with a combined floor space of 2,500 square ft across two floors. We’ve upgraded from two rooms in the InfoLab21, to ten renovated rooms, including two meeting rooms, a chill out room and two bathrooms.

Gone are the days of sneaking into the boardroom to the fridge hoping no one was in there, because we have a brand spanking new kitchen! (You’d understand the excitement over the kitchen, if you saw the previous makeshift alternative.)

New office 1

Entering the office reveals the custom made glass, bearing the elegant NuBlue logo, and a swanky pool table with a custom made cloth. We had to wait two weeks for the cloth to be made, because the designer was busy working on the South African pool championships tablecloths. With wall mounted TVs and a bright sunny interior, we’re excited for the future.

Of course it helps we’re next to the White Cross pub.

New office 2

We moved to make our business even better for you – the client! Our hosting and  agency teams are here to help.

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