This guide will show you how to configure your server’s firewall to allow access to a specific service such as FTP, MySQL or SSH. Please note that you will need a VPS or dedicated hosting solution for this; we do not allow custom firewall configurations on our shared servers.

1) Log into your Plesk Control Panel and browse to Extensions in the left-hand sidebar.


2) Select “Firewall”


3) From here you can see your current firewall configuration, for example:


4) You can begin to edit your firewall configuration by by clicking on “Modify Plesk Firewall Rules” at the top of the page.


5) In this example, we’ll modify the rule for SSH access but the same process applies for whichever service you need to enable. You’ll need to click on the rule for SSH (secure shell) server to edit it.


6) You can now choose whether to allow access from all IP addresses or to simply add your current IP to the firewall. For security reasons, we advise against choose the “Allow” option as this will allow access from any IP. If you select “Allow from selected sources, deny from others” you can proceed to add your current IP address (find out your IP by visiting this page). If you’re not connecting from a static IP address, you’ll need to revisit this menu to update your rule when your dynamic IP address changes to ensure that you’re still allowed access. If you don’t have a static IP address and require one, you could speak to your ISP to see if they can provide you with one or look into procuring a VPN solution.


7) You can then enter your IP address (or addresses, if you need to allow access for a range of multiple users) then select Add and OK.

SSH_access _10

8) Following any change to your firewall, you’ll need to confirm them by clicking on Apply Changes


9)    … and then on Activate.


10) Following this your firewall should be updated correctly but you can check that the configuration is correct in the following screen (my IP address has been obscured in the following example!)


11) And you’re done!


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