Our customers are important to us and a vital part of the service we provide is the support we provide you with.

In order to be as helpful and efficient as possible we’ve put together the following guide to help you get the most out of our support service. The guide covers the various ways of contacting us for support, along with opening times and advice on which routes to take to get the best help for the various types of issue you may encounter.

Support Hours

We now offer support seven days a week, through various contact methods. Our opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: email and telephone are available from 9am until 6pm.

Monday to Friday: Live Chat available from 9am until 5pm.

Weekends and Public Holidays: you can email or telephone us from 9am until 5pm.

Festive Period: Because the exact days that Christmas, Boxing Day and New year fall on each year differs, we confirm our availability in advance. All clients will be notified of the dates, during which we will only be contactable via email only. Web Hosting and Management Services continue as normal.

Web Hosting and Management Services

If you’re on our Standard Management option, you won’t be able to contact us out of hours, but we are monitoring the hardware that your services are running on.  So any problems you are experiencing that relate to this will be handled whenever they occur.

With the Advanced Management option, we are specifically monitoring your hosting services 24/7 and will respond to issues that are discovered. However, you’ll be unable to contact us out of hours.

Clients paying for Premium or higher management tiers are able to use our out of hours contact service, however the out of hours contact number is for emergencies only and we encourage customers to refrain from using this number unless absolutely necessary.

Email (Tickets)

We use a centralised mail system to track all of our ongoing tasks, from your queries to any work we need to carry out on your account. Therefore, we keep a history of all incoming/outgoing communications between yourself and our support team. In line with this, we use email to confirm any changes that may for instance cause downtime, incur charges or change permissions. This way we can track it and refer to it if/when necessary.

For this reason, it’s important to ensure you’ve notified us of who you want to manage your account and what you want them to be able to do – whether that’s making changes to things such as your billing or limited to simply talking tech, that’s up to you.

Seeing a full history allows us to view an issue in its entirety, enabling us to deal with any issues in the most efficient way. We look at your emails in relation to your previous account interactions with our support team, rather than just an individual email. It’s not ticket #1,453,789 – it’s the latest email we can see within your entire relationship with our support team, and sits alongside the work we’ve done with and for you, the products we have billed you for, and so on.

Emails are the best way to contact us because they’re checked every day of the year, meaning an email to support@nublue.co.uk will get a response or an action on the day it’s received – providing that’s during office hours of course!

Live Chat

Live Chat is best used in situations where it’s easier to simply talk to someone about an issue rather than detailing an email and waiting for a response or if you’re unable to call us. If you require us to do something on a live chat that would require normal ticket authorisation – this will still be the case.  We will need you to email in from an approved contact to perform this action.

In cases where a Live Chat session exceeds 15 minutes we may decide to politely inform you that we will be ending the chat and that the discussion will need to be continued via email. Live Chat is primarily used for quicker issues and queries and not time consuming support conversations. This way we can better time manage our experts and operate an improved support system.

Following the end of a Live Chat conversation we will automatically receive a transcript of the interaction and you have the option to be sent the same. Live Chat is available from 9am until 5pm on weekdays and public holidays.


Similar to Live Chat, our telephone support service is meant for handling quick queries in cases where it’s easier to quickly speak to one of our friendly experts, rather than detailing the issue in writing. In line with this, if a phone conversation is taking a considerable amount of time we may politely request that you continue your support query on an alternative support method – such as email.

We do not record our phone calls. We may log that you have called us along with a summary of the conversation.

Whilst not all members of staff or departments are available for telephone calls, you can reach a member of our support team from 9am until 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm at weekends or public holidays.

Paid Work

In rare cases, we may decide that work you are asking us to perform or work that we are requesting we carry out for you, incurs a charge. When this happens, we will outline the tasks that need completing and what the charge will be prior to commencing the work.

If the required work changes to a level we deem significant we will stop to inform you of this, reassess the work and then notify you of any new costs that may be incurred. Once we have your agreement, we will then continue.

We will only charge once the work has been completed.

What We Look After

We consider your hosting and the hosting environment to be our responsibility, in so far as we will provide you with a service and it’s down to us to make sure the service is working well for you.

You should also be aware that we cannot take responsibility for keeping your sites up to date or making sure you have secure passwords and/or websites. We may contact you about these things from time to time, for instance if we see that a site you host has been compromised but ultimately this is your responsibility to resolve – but we will assist you wherever possible.

In an instance where we consider a support request to be outside of our responsibility as your web hosting provider, we’ll always communicate this with you and attempt to help you determine what courses of action you can and should take from there.

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