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What’s Smart Serve CDN?

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Smart Serve CDN is our latest web hosting service. It's a way of serving your website that makes it faster and more responsive for visitors in other countries, and it could also speed up your site for visitors here in the UK.

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Smart Serve CDN could:

  • Reduce your hosting costs
  • Give your site more global exposure
  • Boost your website’s position in search engine results
  • Increase your page views
  • Reduce your visitor bounce rate
  • Improve site experience to increase your conversions

Overall, it could be an ideal solution for your business if you’re looking to save money, increase site activity and expand your site’s reach around the world.

Adding Smart Serve CDN to your Nublue hosting is easy. We can do it for you, or you can use our free step-by-step guides if you’d prefer to set up your Smart Serve CDN yourself. Our guides cover Smart Serve CDN integration with WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and PrestaShop sites.

How Smart Serve CDN works

Smart Serve CDN works by ‘outsourcing’ the task of serving your site in other countries. It caches (stores) secure copies of parts of your website’s content, such as images, HTML and video on a network of servers in other countries, closer to where your visitors are based.

This network of servers, called edge servers, serves your site’s cached content from locations which are closer to your visitors – so that it takes less time and less of your hosting resources to assemble your website’s content on your visitors’ screens, wherever they are in the world.

Curious about what Smart Serve CDN could do for you?

Interested? We’d love to tell you more about our new hosting service! If you’d like to learn more about what Smart Serve CDN could do for your website or to buy a package, just click here to get in touch via our contact form – or you can call our Sales department on 0800 033 7074.

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