NGINX is a web server which is now a standard component in NuBlue VPS & Managed Dedicated Servers. But what exactly does it do? And why do you even need it?

What “IS” NGINX?

NGINX runs in front of the Apache web server dealing with specific end user requests to websites. Apache is a very robust web server that can process many types of request sent to it – from images, JavaScript and complex web page files. NGINX has been implemented in Plesk 11, to run in front of Apache and handle some of these requests.

NGINX acts as an assistant to deal with certain types of content. It then hands off anything it can’t handle to Apache, to make sure Apache isn’t overloaded with requests and has less to deal with.

NGINX is highly efficient at handling “Static Content”. Examples of static content include static html files, JavaScript and images”. These are easier to process and NGINX can group many of these together, which leaves more CPU and RAM available for Apache to handle the more complex requests, such as PHP.

Why not just use Apache?

Apache is a great, solid, web server which can deal with many different types of request. However, the way it handles requests made to a server is to handle each one individually, no matter what is asked of it.

NGINX can group simpler requests together and leave apache to deal with complex tasks which helps improve the speed of your website. Working together, apache can deal with its workload faster as it has less to deal with alongside NGINX’s already speedy processing of the “easy” requests.

Plesk 11 users will see a noticeable difference in website speed compared to previous versions of Plesk. The combination of Apache and NGINX should save CPU & memory. This makes them a match made in server heaven.

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What work do “I” have to do?

When using the Plesk control panel, the hardest decision you will have to make is whether or not you want NGINX to run. This means switching it on or off using the control panel. NuBlue’s advice is; if it’s available, then it may as well be put to good use!

NuBlue provide Plesk 11 on all VPS & Dedicated servers so the benefits of NGINX are available to users of these packages. If you are currently on one of these packages but you’re not using Plesk 11 & would like to find out more, get in touch (Contact Us) and we can discuss your options for upgrading!

NuBlue provide professional, high quality UK Web Hosting on Shared, VPS and Dedicated platforms.

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