Events, awards, outreach, PR, content, social media… we’re all about getting Nublue’s name out there as the go-to company for world-class websites and hosting. We believe in massive action, in-depth observation and over-delivering on value for our audience every single time – whether that’s in person, over the phone, in writing… or through images, infographics, audio and video. We think our team and the work they do are the bees knees – we just love telling people how great they are!

How about you? Well, you’re a natural promoter. You understand what makes people buy. You love that singular, super-succulent satisfaction that comes with helping people solve their problems and getting them sold on your service. You’re looking for the opportunity to show the world your skill and conviction – and just how much you could achieve for a brand you truly believe in. We’re looking for the world’s great persuaders, the strategists and the problem solvers. The people who create massive value not because they’re paid to, but because they’re compelled to. Welcome to the team.

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Our reviews...


I like working at Nublue because I enjoy the variety & autonomy of my role, the relaxed atmosphere in the office, the recognition I receive from our management and to top it off I am lucky to work with a bunch of professional but fun people.

Our office

We share a first-floor office with our Hosting and Operations teams. We’ve got clients on the phone with our support specialists, our resident systems admins managing our servers and our finance and accounts experts handling the nuts and bolts of running our business, so it’s nice and busy up here – but there’s always our meeting room, boardroom or training room to duck into if you need some time alone to come up with a new kick-ass idea for our content or marketing strategy. Unless you think more clearly during a spur-of-the-moment office foosball match or pool tournament, of course.

We work with a range of online and offline systems and software that’ll help us produce fresh content and reach out to more and more people interested in our agency and hosting services. We handle partnerships and awards applications, trade events and content creation, as well as branding, advertising, PR, outreach and any other fresh avenue for promotion – ranging from video testimonials and photo shoots to charity fundraising.

We’re the ones who translate our teams’ high-end hardware and in-depth technical knowledge into problems solved for Nublue’s customers. Beyond the office though, we’re also the ones who organise the company’s chosen charity each year and build those relationships with our corporate partners, or providing live social media support for our team members attending industry events. First and foremost though is our belief in our brand, and having the answers our customers need to trust us and use our services to benefit their business. If you’re all about helping people while bringing in the business – and promoting the results we’ve achieved to solve more problems for more people – we’d love to hear from you.