Magento Solutions Partner

Bespoke Magento hosting for seriously demanding websites. Built on our own high performance architecture with extreme scalability and pro-active VIP enterprise management from our Magento certified team.

- Michael Ashworth, Managing Director


  • Managed Cluster Hosting

    High performance, unlimited scalability and built in redundancy. We utilise the power of Dell hardware and over a decade of Magento experience as ecommerce experts to enhance the performance of your online store.

  • Extreme Scalability

    Scalability, without limits. If your traffic is growing, your managed webserver cluster can easily grow with it. Ensuring you always have the resource your website needs to perform the way your customers demand, no matter how busy your website gets.

  • High Availability Front End Server Setup

    Multiple front end web servers provide High Availability at the web server level. Should a single front end server fail, traffic is automatically allocated to the remaining servers.

  • VIP Management and Support

    Our systems team are on hand whenever you need them. From initial consultation and setup to around the clock proactive management and support. We understand that in ecommerce, every second counts.

  • Always the right size

    Intelligent and managed scaling means that together we can be proactive and reactive to your requirements. If a specific component needs resource when others don’t – we’re there.

  • Only pay for what you need

    Flexible billing ensures you only pay for what you need. We manage your costs with you, in line with your website demands.

  • Optimised for Magento Enterprise and Magento 2

    We put years of Magento experience into creating the perfect bespoke home for any mission critical Magento enterprise deployment.

Load Balancer

Load balancing automatically and intelligently distributes store visitors for the optimum customer experience


Enterprise SSD storage devices for high performance

Nublue CDN

Accelerates the delivery of media assets to make your store faster, smoother and more responsive

Magento Servers

Nublue virtual private cloud servers. Performance on tap for your store with flexible and resizable computing power

Database Server

Virtual Private Cloud Server optimised for the Magento database

Satisfied Client

Moved to Nublue after using another host for many years. Their servers are faster, more responsive and more importantly the service is top class. As a small design consultancy that build large scale websites we were looking for a partner that could offer expertise and help when needed and Nublue have been a great move for us and our clients.

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