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Ecommerce Planning

At the heart of any ecommerce project or rebuild is the intelligence we can glean through research, insight and expertise. We pinpoint what frustrates your visitors and could be losing you conversions. Before starting any site mapping or prototyping we’ll tell you what changes we recommend, and how we’d carry them out, to turn more of your visitors into paying customers

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User Profiling

What makes your customers buy? What stops them? Part of our planning process is knowing the answers to these questions and how they could change your business. Our user-first approach means that we reverse-engineer your ecommerce website based on what your customers want and how they’re likely to shop – creating more conversions for you.

Customer Journey Modelling

Your customers have four key moments before they buy. They want to know, go, buy and do. The modern customer journey is complex, and a lot can happen from search to checkout. That’s why we rely on solid analytics data to find those key moments in your customers’ journey, and ensure your website meets those needs.

Mobile First Strategy

Mobile is now the number one platform for UK internet users. Over half of UK ecommerce takes place on mobile devices. Mobile-responsive ecommerce has to be at the centre of your project’s planning – and designed, tested and refined to maximise your conversions on any device.

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Infrastructure and Scalability planning

We don’t just make ecommerce websites; we power them too. Our web hosting team will advise you on the infrastructure you need to give your customers a fast, stable online store, even during peak traffic on Black Friday or your latest product launch – and can manage your hosting to scale with your site’s success.

Omnichannel Retail

Your customers use a range of online and offline channels to research, browse and buy what they’re looking for, to return unwanted items and get the after-sales service they expect. We’ll work with you to identify those channels – and plan how we can bring them together into one seamless shopping experience.

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It was a very easy choice for us to use Nublue and we’ve been delighted with the procedure. They were super to work with – their response time was absolutely fantastic.

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