A training and consultation provider for some of the world’s leading petroleum companies came to us to create Baobab, a bespoke learning management system which would bring together their video training materials into a single paid-subscription system.

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Effective client and customer solution

Our client needed a full agency approach to develop their ideas, branding, graphics and written content to bring their project to life.

Bespoke Cake PHP Development

Building a bespoke education system from scratch takes time, and time is money for our clients. For high-end custom builds like Baobab we use CakePHP, a rapid development framework which speeds up the development process – and keeps the cost down too. Our developers have years of experience using CakePHP. Because it’s the only platform of its kind that we use, we’ve become highly specialised in it – and can use it to achieve first-class results quickly and efficiently, which we test across devices simultaneously.

An Intuitive Learning Experience

Every learner is different, which is why our client needed Baobab to be a searchable resource to fill whatever gaps people may have in their knowledge – or teach them everything they need to know from the beginning with comprehensive courses. Baobab also provides a vast number of interactive evaluations to assess learners’ progress, which we created using the Storyline e-learning application. We’ve also coded Baobab to track learners’ progress through each course based on their user data via Storyline, creating an intuitive learning experience regardless of users' familiarity with online education.

incorporating video

Modern learners expect to be engaged, which is why Baobab uses fresh, video-only content and interactive assessments to refresh users’ learning effectively. Our client already had a wealth of valuable video content ready to go; our challenge was making the most of it for Baobab’s learners. Syncing our client’s video tutorials from their secure video hosting server allowed us to create an efficient, high-quality foundation for Baobab’s paid-only portal. Along with sections on each page for learner notes and Q&A, we also included searchable transcripts of each video to make important points easy to find – and link straight to each video's relevant parts.

A Brand for All Users

Baobab’s look and feel needed to appeal to a broad range of learners, ranging from graduates starting out in petroleum engineering to large enterprises looking to refresh their teams’ professional training. With a solid brief, regular consultation and total creative freedom, our design team came up with the digital branding, colour scheme and intuitive navigation for a responsive website which reflected our client’s ambitions for their project – and an end result that both we and our client could be proud of.

Satisfied Client

Overall I am delighted with the service and product that I have received from Nublue. Developing a Learning Management System from scratch was an exciting challenge for both of us, and there were learning curves on both sides. Nublue worked closely with us to understand fully our objectives and we collaborated well together in creating an excellent and imaginative solution.