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Dedicated to football, Clubline offers a wide selection of the leading brand names in football such as Nike, Adidas, Prostar, Mitre and many more. Clubline Football offers great variety, quality and value, backed up by knowledge, experience and a love of the game.

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Effective client and customer solution

The sports ecommerce site came to us to redesign their eCommerce site, with the aim of modernisation and a more conversion focused design using Magento Enterprise.

Improved User Experience

A vital aspect of the rebuild and incredibly important to the client was to make improvements in user experience and make the customer’s path to purchase a smoother and easier route to take.

A lot of research and resources went into ensuring that well-informed decisions were made at every stage of the design and layout process. Everything from the site’s navigation to the placement of ‘call to actions’ help a customer easily progress from landing page to checkout.

Personalisation Options

Customers can now personalise their sportswear quickly and easily as a part of the product selection process. Names and numbers can be added to kits, managers initials to coats and a host of other personalisation options are available.

Customisations can be visualised before purchase, giving the customer confidence in the product they’ll receive and offering Clubline a unique selling point.

Conversion Increase


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Transactions

Satisfied Client

Nublue are professional in approach and rigorous in application. They're proving to be a pleasure to work with and an excellent partner in our eCommerce related activities.