The Jewel Hut

Part of the TH Baker Group, The Jewel Hut was launched in 2006, specialising in branded jewellery for fashion conscious buyers. The site experiences steady traffic with a significant spike in the lead up to the festive season, and other gifting holidays throughout the year. The Jewel Hut required a bespoke hosting solution to ensure no site crashes or slow downs, particularly during their critical sales periods when the site regularly sustains high traffic.

Why they chose us

  • Bespoke support
  • All Development & Hosting in-house
  • Reliable, clustered solution

The brief

To ensure the Jewel Hut customers’ continue to enjoy a seamless and smooth shopping experience, across all devices, particularly during periods of high traffic such as Black Friday weekend and the festive shopping season.

The solution

We understood that the Jewel Hut needed a lot of capacity and the ability to quickly increase available resources, so we provided a scalable cluster: a series of servers that were specifically configured to handle separate aspects of the solution.

Planning resources, strategically


The Jewel Hut needed a hosting solution they could rely on, ensuring their site was online and stable at all times. We provided 24/7 proactive monitoring not just for uptime, but also to allow us to pinpoint and mitigate any issues before they develop to the point where they could affect the client's site.


Knowing the trends in their online traffic and thinking ahead to planned seasonal promotions, the Jewel Hut knew they needed a scalable hosting solution that adapted to changes in site traffic, offering extra redundancy as required. Multiple servers would be required to handle significant loads across the site during times of high traffic.

High demands

Significant traffic spikes meant the Jewel Hut needed a solution that could handle high demand on their servers, without decreased performance to the end user.

Unique support

With our unique combination of hosting expertise and in-house development, we were able to offer support at all levels across the Jewel Hut’s website. Our team of hosting and development experts ensured the smooth running of the site, and continue to do so.

A scalable hosting solution

Specifically tailored for The Jewel Hut

This bespoke clustered hosting solution is made up of groups of components designed and configured to run specific aspects of an effective Magento hosting solution. Load balancers distribute traffic across a network of front-end web servers, delivering the majority of the content to clients. Behind all this lie a series of servers devoted to database and Redis delivery, as well as separate admin servers.

Development & hosting, combined

Project collaboration

Our unique blends of development and hosting expertise all under one roof ensured the smooth deployment of The Jewel Hut’s website and hosting solution. Using collaboration tool GitLab, all parties involved on the project including developers, systems administrators and the client themselves had complete visibility on progress.

An ongoing relationship

Looking after the TH Baker Group

Since deploying The Jewel Hut’s hosting solution, we have built upon and cemented an excellent relationship with the TH Baker Group, working on all three of their ecommerce sites. From building the websites and providing a powerful hosting solution, our team of experts have a deep understanding of the make-up of each website, enabling us to offer an extra level of support and assurance. Our team continue to evolve their stores on a retainer basis.

  • Robust Hosting solutions & increased performance across all three TH Baker group stores
  • Delivered three TH Baker sites offering multi-site control
  • Increased conversions across all stores
  • Development retainer and proactive hosting management
Speach Marks

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Nublue we are on the verge of something quite new and exciting for The Jewel Hut. We can rest assured that Nublue will lend their expertise to our ecommerce tools and tailored hosting to enable our business to continue to grow.”

Kam Reehal | Web Manager at The Jewel Hut