My Glasses Guru

My Glasses Guru is an online glasses retailer founded by experienced opticians. They came to us to create a brand new website where their customers could choose their ideal frames, enter their prescription details and have their new glasses delivered to their door.

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Effective client and customer solution

Our clients wanted a sharp, stylish, easy-to-use ecommerce site with powerful visual appeal to rival their established competitors.

Tailored user experience

Our clients came to us with a specific user experience in mind for their website’s purchase process. Because their customers needed the option to enter their own prescription when they ordered their glasses, it was crucial that the order form and purchase process kept human error to a minimum so that customers didn’t order the wrong prescription. The order form we created takes customers through a simple step-by-step process – progressing from lens options to recommended packages, lens treatments and fields for customers’ prescription details. It was crucial that our clients’ customers felt confident about ordering online – which is why we made My Glasses Guru’s support options clear to see at every stage of the buying process.

Standing out from the competition

One of the big challenges for My Glasses Guru as a startup was establishing their brand among their competitors. Our clients needed a strong brand identity which would appeal to customers of all ages and reflect the broad range of product brands in their online store. As well as creating our clients’ new website, our team also provided My Glasses Guru with rebrand services to reinvent their company logo and colour palette. We also produced our clients’ brand guidelines to aid business and marketing activities once their site launched.

Bespoke Repsonsive Design

My Glasses Guru had a clear idea of what they needed in their new website. They wanted a high degree of creative control over its look and feel, to make sure their customers found it easy to navigate and could easily make repeat purchases through the site on any device. We approached the website as a bespoke ecommerce project, presenting our clients with wireframe prototypes at each stage to make sure it met their needs. Since every website we create is responsive as standard, we were also able to develop and test My Glasses Guru’s site on multiple devices quickly and efficiently as part of our process.

Frame chooser

There’s nothing like getting home to try on your new glasses... only to find that they don’t actually suit you like you first thought. As opticians our clients were keen for their customers to choose their perfect frames first time, with no need to use the returns process we were creating for their site. For our client to have satisfied customers, our priority was making sure those customers were well informed before they purchased – which is why we created a frame chooser feature, which guides visitors to frames which suit their face shape, skin tone and hair colour.