Respond to your user's behaviour and environment

People can see your website on their phones, TVs and any screen size in between. How can you be sure that your site fits every screen perfectly and delivers a first-class experience on any device? Simple – every website we create is responsive as standard.

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Your audience expects your website to perform flawlessly whatever device they’re browsing on. Smart responsive design allows your site to adapt or respond to any screen size and ensures that your website is always seen, and used, at its best. It’s rapidly become the industry standard in web development – and sites that don’t keep up with this global shift could risk losing their audience.

Every digital project we handle incorporates responsive design as standard. We use a testing station to check our client websites simultaneously across a range of devices and trial our sites until we can guarantee a high-quality user experience regardless of screen size. Responsive design is always evolving – and so we constantly update our best practices to make sure you love what we create.

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Context-aware content

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Modern, responsive web design is a world away from its traditional static ancestor. At the heart of this shift is context-aware content; visual elements on your website which serve in a variety of resolutions and scale fluidly between screens, so that your site looks great on any device.

Modular Structure

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Many modern websites appear simplified because they’ve been designed up from expandable modules. This modular structure allows high-end websites to appear in their full glory on desktops and widescreen TVs, but automatically strip themselves back for smartphone screens.

Cross-device design

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Responsive design isn’t just a case of fitting your website to different screen sizes – there’s also the factor of how your visitors engage with your site depending on which device they’re using. The sites we create don’t just take responsive design into account, but responsive user experience too.

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“We have been deeply impressed by the range and depth of skills that Nublue brought to our project, ranging from imaginative design and innovative web development through to excellent written content. Mobile traffic is a very large part of our market, so it was vital that the system responded to any mobile device. Nublue’s team came up with some excellent visual and technical solutions to achieve a spectacular final result for us.”

- Baobab