SSD-Only Platform

All of our Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting packages provision to servers that use the latest high-performance enterprise SSD hard drives. Solid state drives (SSDs) reduce the time it takes to read data from the server, resulting in a faster delivery of your website to your end user. Fast sites make happy users and contribute to better search engine rankings.

SSD Shared Hosting | SSD VPS Hosting

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Configured for Performance

Brilliant, well-configured hardware sets the foundation for a fast-loading website. But optimising the way that hardware and your website interact is the key to delivering stand-out load times for your website's visitors. We can work with you to advise on and configure a number of acceleration technologies such as Nginx & Zend Opcode Caching to ensure your website performs at its peak.

Nginx & Apache

Nginx is a web server which comes as standard in our VPS and Managed Dedicated Servers. It's highly efficient at handling static content such as HTML, JavaScript and images. It runs in front of the Apache web server, dealing with specific end-user requests to websites. Working together, Apache can deal with its workload faster – alongside Nginx’s already speedy processing for “easy” requests.

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Zend Opcode Caching

Zend is a web application accelerator, which is installed in front of your web server and can speed up your website significantly. It's designed for content-heavy dynamic sites and effectively caches content, so that the web server only needs to fetch website files periodically when it doesn’t have a relevant cached copy. This means less server resources are required for big content-heavy sites, and because the web server doesn’t have to do any work if a page is cached, your users get a lightning-fast browsing experience too!

The Foundations

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Awesome Hardware

We exclusively use the latest Dell web servers. They're loaded with high-quality RAM, multi-core processors, RAID SSD storage and then plugged in to a high-quality network. Why? Because it makes your website reliable, fast and enjoyable for your users!

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Manchester Datacentre

Every server needs a home. Our servers live in Manchester under 24-hour manned security, CCTV, fire suppression, environmental monitoring and independent & redundant power supplies, with 24/7 on-site technical engineers.

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Tier-1 bandwidth

All our servers are fed through a cross connection to a number of Tier-1 bandwidth carriers. The techie bit: we use diverse fibre routing through multiple redundant core switches and routers. It just means that we’ll ensure your website is always accessible.

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24/7 Server Monitoring

Keeping servers online is what it’s all about. That’s why we monitor key processes on all our servers in real time, 24 hours a day – so if we see any early signs of trouble, we can do something about it before it becomes a problem.

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Simple Plesk Control Panel

All Nublue hosting comes with the Odin Plesk 12 control panel. Plesk puts the emphasis on usability, and greatly simplifies the process of managing your web hosting space and email accounts. It makes things simpler for you, and that’s why we use it.

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Using R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) we backup every server, every night, and keep those backups for 10 days. For free. We do this because we think it’s the responsible thing to do – and to give all our customers the peace of mind that their data is safe.