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How to switch your site onto a new version of PHP

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This guide will show you how to switch your site onto a different version of PHP from within the Plesk Control Panel.

1) Log into your Plesk Control Panel and browse to your domain, then Manage Hosting. In this example, we’ll update the version of PHP used for my polka.shorts domain.

New PHP version screenshot 1

2) Select “Hosting Settings”.

New PHP version screenshot 2

3) In the next menu, you can switch your domain onto a different version of PHP using the drop-down menus for the PHP Support option. You’ll need to switch the PHP handler from Apache module to FastCGI application first of all.

New PHP version screenshot 3

4) You’ll then be able to see the available PHP versions in the next drop-down menu.

New PHP version screenshot 4

5) Once you’ve selected your new PHP version, select OK and you’re done!



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