Ben Goldsworthy Photo

Ben Goldsworthy

Trainee PHP Developer

A man of letters and a keen traveller, Ben brings five years’ programming experience to our PHP team and is also studying an MSci Computer Science degree. Ben’s on the executive board of three societies – Boxing, European Culture and BinSoc. He’s taught computer science in schools, he’s strictly Bourne Town FC… and he lives for that feeling that comes with finally fixing a buggy program.

Josh Mills Photo

Josh Mills

Trainee PHP Developer

Currently studying for a Masters in computer science, Josh is well-versed in HTML, CSS, MySQL, Java, PHP and Visual Basic… plus more! He’s big on human and civil rights too, and recently worked on a transaction management system at Lancaster Uni – helping to generate reports and record transaction details for the Amnesty International Society.

Liam Rushton Photo

Liam Rushton

Technical Support Agent

Liam currently studies Computer Network Technology at the University of Central Lancashire and brings his passion for online security and ethical hacking to his role as one of our expert hosting support agents. Outside the office Liam loves socialising and beating his friends in online games – and, in his own words, plays way more Pokemon and Destiny than any human should.

Tom Wells Photo

Tom Wells

IT Project Co-Ordinator

Our designated office singer, Tom currently studies Computer Science and brings some impressive tech know-how to our Operations team. Tom is also an experienced customer service specialist and well versed in languages such as PHP, CSS, Java and more. He’s an all round nice guy, and we await the day he breaks out his tap dance skills in the office.

Ian Brookes Photo

Ian Brookes

Senior Digital Designer

Ian brings years of design expertise to Nublue’s digital agency, with experience in a broad range of disciplines spanning print and web. He’s a keen photographer, with his own wedding photography business spanning the north west – and loves to spend his free time travelling, everywhere from the Lake District to South America.

Reece Palmer Photo

Reece Palmer

Systems Operations Agent

Full-time computer fan Mr Palmer is an integral part of our support team, ensuring our clients get the best possible performance from their web hosting. Well versed in PHP, CSS and JavaScript, he’s also a keen reader, paintballer, PC gamer and builder… and, in his own words, watches an unhealthy amount of Netflix.

Matt Allen-Millbank Photo

Matt Allen-Millbank

Technical Support Agent

Matt’s a friendly, expert addition to our hosting support team, with years of experience providing top-notch technical support to end users. Outside the office he’s a keen skier and an avid cycler, and loves castles, historic landmarks and dry, dry comedy.

Thelma Aye Photo

Thelma Aye

HR & Talent Advisor

Our HR specialist Thelma worked in London for ten years in recruitment and management development, has a degree in human psychology and was previously head of resourcing for Lancashire constabulary. A lover of gardening, Game of Thrones, travel and bellydancing, she’s trained in coaching, teaching, spiritual healing… anything that helps people to grow.

Sophie Kent Photo

Sophie Kent

Project Manager

Customer service specialist Sophie is an integral part of our project team, going the extra mile for our clients to get the results they need. With experience in web design and project support, she’s a great believer in the importance of good communication – and also the importance of good baking, which the team fully appreciates.

Hannah Haworth Photo

Hannah Haworth

Marketing Manager

Hannah heads up our marketing strategy to get the Nublue brand out there to the world. Previously she’s worked in brand management, digital marketing and account management for a number of national companies, and splits her free time between her own lifestyle blog and searching the world for her next travel destination.

Cerwyn Gilasbey Photo

Cerwyn Gilasbey

Technical Support Agent

Having worked for AXA, TalkTalk and Legend Hosting for ten years before joining us, Cerwyn brings some hefty customer service experience (and award-winning jumpers) to the team. When he’s not discussing website mechanics with our hosting clients, Cerwyn’s all about movies, games, travelling… and Fawlty Towers.

Emily Garnett Photo

Emily Garnett

Client Services Lead

Experienced in proposal writing and digital marketing strategy, Emily works closely with our clients to make sure we’re achieving the high-end results they need for their digital projects. Marketing-savvy and a knowledgeable digital consultant, Emily also loves skiing and running – though not usually in the office.

Siggi Sveinsson Photo

Siggi Sveinsson


Siggi brings a solid twelve years’ experience with Pagefast Print & Publishing to our agency team, and he’s a keen follower of tech and design both inside and outside the office. He tackles client projects on a daily basis to help develop the websites and online assets they’ve been dreaming of. And even if those clients happen to speak Icelandic, we’re sorted.

Tom Ashworth Photo

Tom Ashworth

Technical Director

Co-founding Nublue with his brother Mike, Tom brought the computer science and systems expertise to realise Mike’s web design work. Ten years later, Tom oversees Nublue’s systems development and the nuts and bolts of our online presence. He’s a keen cyclist and snowboarder whose ambition has always been to deliver the UK’s best hosting.

Rickie James Photo

Rickie James

Systems Operations Agent

Rickie’s a natural people person and a part-time computer whisperer. Having worked as a flight attendant and as a tech support specialist for AI in Blackpool, Rickie’s a dab hand at good customer service and helping our clients resolve technical issues. He’s a keen gamer, a movie lover and, perhaps most importantly, a diligent brew maker.

Raoul Martin Photo

Raoul Martin

Systems Operations Agent

Hosting’s resident artist and all-round nice guy, Raoul’s worked in technical support for years and specialises in customer service, web hosting support and office foosball tournaments. When he’s not manning the phone, Raoul likes him some wrestling, some football and a dose of videogame goodness.

Paul Grant Photo

Paul Grant

Systems Lead

Paul is a natural troubleshooter and a Linux expert, and spends his days studying reams of code to make sure we’re always running efficient, well-managed servers for our clients.

Michael Ashworth Photo

Michael Ashworth

Managing Director

Michael founded Nublue in 2005 with Tom to create and host exceptional websites, providing personal service without the jargon. Today he leads a team who share these beliefs, while he focuses on running a business people enjoy doing business with. Michael’s keen on snowboarding, travelling and scuba diving to avoid getting square eyes.

Megan O’Hare Photo

Megan O’Hare

Senior Project Manager

Friendly and organised, Megan works with our clients on a daily basis not just to manage their projects and exceed their expectations, but to create lasting relationships. Outside the office Megan’s a keen charity worker and splits her time between shopping, sports and great nights out.

Matt Hutchinson Photo

Matt Hutchinson

Agency Manager

With a head for business strategy and consultancy, Matt leads our digital team to create the online presence our clients have always wanted. An experienced team leader and a keen DIYer, Matt is a PRINCE2-certified project manager and the scourge of the office pool table. He’s also a big Leeds Utd AFC fan, and a connoisseur of red wine and real ale.

Marcie Towell Photo

Marcie Towell

Operations and Finance Manager

After a quick five hours at the gym, Dr Marcie Towell heads into the office early to orchestrate our finance and HR. When she’s not busy auditing or pondering business and financial best practice, Marcie’s something of a social maestro too –making sure we all get out of the office to do something fun.

Kath Bell Photo

Kath Bell

Business Development Executive

Better connected than half of Hollywood, Kath rubs shoulders with high-society on a regular basis to spot business opportunities. She skis, scuba dives, speaks several languages – and she’s lived in more countries than there are names for. Oh, and she’s on retweeting terms with the PM.

Graham Bailey Photo

Graham Bailey

Hosting Lead

Graham’s mystical powers have our clients throwing great customer reviews our way on a regular basis. As a member of our support team, it’s his job to make sure our clients are happy with their website hosting. As well as being a movie lover and Desperado-style guitarist, Graham’s also a talented wordsmith and graphic novel connoisseur.

Ewan Macleod Photo

Ewan Macleod

Hosting Manager

Ewan’s been with Nublue for so long that he can actually manage our servers at a psychic level. It’s his job to make sure the hosting team keeps everything secure, backed up, documented, maintaining top-notch performance for our server clients. He attends a golf appreciation society, drools over ultra-HD screens and enjoys good whisky.

David Duke Photo

David Duke

Senior Developer

Some say he was developed into existence. The Duke heads our development team with Andy and keeps our code on the straight and narrow, solving dev problems and creating the kind of websites everyone can be proud of. Dave loves photography, building stuff and dominating videogame top scores.

Corinne Preston Photo

Corinne Preston

Accounting Technician

One of our resident numerical ninjas, Corinne is our friendly master of invoices who handles any billing queries our clients might have. When she’s not helping customers, singing or dealing with the dosh, Corinne loves cooking, playing piano and topping up the social meter. Often all at the same time.

Caroline Samuel Photo

Caroline Samuel

Senior Web Developer

Caroline is a master of making the impossible possible. As our Senior Web Developer it’s her job to turn your brief into your perfect website, creating your project specs and proposal to get the results you want. Outside work Caroline loves movies, theatre and seaside walks.

Brian Sheldon Photo

Brian Sheldon

Hosting Technical Sales Agent

If you’re in need of a new hosting option/server upgrade, Brian’s your man. With 35 years’ experience as a software engineer, customer services manager and technical services manager he brings some serious customer service expertise to the team. There’s almost nothing that he hasn’t either solved, upgraded, or barbecued.

Adam Gilmour Photo

Adam Gilmour

Senior Front End Developer

Adam brings an impressive ten years’ experience to our design team, having worked on national projects with BT Branding before joining us. He’s a skilled Photoshopper and a keen traveller, and uses his talents to turn wireframe concepts into sharp new site designs for our agency clients. Definitely lifts.

Alex Rowe Photo

Alex Rowe

Lead Developer

As well as being a thoroughly nice guy Alex is also something of a codemaster. He handles our agency’s systems development and coding best practice, database design, bespoke system extensions… you name it. Outside the office, he delights in retro gaming, systems security and fixing anything that sparks or creaks.

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