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Buy any SSL with us and we’ll install it, test it and renew it for you. You can then configure your SSL to protect vital parts of your website like your checkout, customer login and payment gateway, or simply install it for your whole site.

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We install and test a range of GeoTrust and Comodo SSL certificates, each with their own unique website seal to show your customers that you take their security seriously. Our SSLs are supplied by, a vendor with 4.8-star satisfaction based on 34,000 customer ratings.

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Comodo and Geotrust SSLs

High-visibility site security from two of the world’s top online trust providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is the way you build trust with your ecommerce customers. It reassures your visitors that their connection to your site, the data you transmit to them and the sensitive information that they transmit to you is all encrypted and secure from being seen by third parties. An SSL certificate is essential if your website needs to conduct online transactions, send and/or receive sensitive information and use a secure server-to-server connection.

Do I need an SSL if I want to be PCI DSS compliant?

Yes. An SSL provides a level of encryption that’s essential if you’re going to process card data on your site. Please don’t consider using an on-site payment gateway without an SSL.

What do I need in order to use an SSL certificate?

You’ll need a registered domain name and a web hosting account to use an SSL. Each SSL certificate we sell is mapped to your individual domain name. You can choose which pages on your website you would like to secure..

Should I get a Comodo SSL or GeoTrust SSL?

There are a few differences between Comodo SSLs and GeoTrust SSLs. Comodo SSLs give your online security more visual appeal and, since Comodo are more stringent with the details they need during the application process, and more involved in other areas of online security, they can offer your visitors a greater feeling of security. However, there is generally more time involved in setting up a Comodo SSL on your site exactly because their process is more stringent. GeoTrust SSLs are generally quicker and easier to install than Comodo SSLs, and you could even have your SSL set up the same day or within an hour in certain circumstances. However they won’t generally provide the same visual impact or necessarily provide the same degree of trust that comes with Comodo’s application process and broader involvement in online security.

What are the main differences between your SSLs?

In essence, the more you spend on an SSL package the more assurance and visible features it provides, which establishes more trust and confidence in the people who visit your site – particularly the people who provide their card details to buy from your site. There are also several notable differences between the SSLs we provide: Comodo Essential SSL relies on domain validation (DV), which means that it needs things such as an email address attached to your domain which is readily accessible to allow the installation. Comodo Instant SSL uses organisation validation (OV), which requires you to provide proof of organisation – such as proof of residence for your business. Comodo EV SSL, also known as the Greenbar SSL, instead relies on extended validation (EV), a more comprehensive process of vetting your business in accordance with stringent guidelines set out by the CA/B Forum. Because of this process, acquiring an EV SSL is more time-intensive and comes with a higher price tag – but displaying its visual assets on your website tells your visitors that you offer the same degree of online security as some of the world’s major online retailers and banking sites. GeoTrust RapidSSL carries a smaller price tag by comparison and, with domain validation, it’s much easier for us to install. We can even install it within an hour in some cases (depending on external circumstances). It carries the least assurance and a smaller warranty, although even then it’s still extremely unlikely that someone would crack your SSL. GeoTrust RapidSSL Wildcard allows you to secure a single domain (for example along with any number of subdomains (for example,, etc). A wildcard SSL gives you a cheaper, easier way to secure multiple domains and subdomains rather than buying individual SSLs for each one. However if you need to secure multiple, separate domain names then you should still buy an individual SSL. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium gives you higher compensation than our other GeoTrust SSLs in the extremely unlikely event that your SSL is cracked by an outside party. It also gives your site a more visually appealing dynamic site seal rather than a static seal, which allows your visitors to click on the padlock icon in their browser address bar for the current date and time, as well as your company information and secure connection status. All the SSL packages we provide are designed to provide powerful encryption and visual assets to encourage visitors’ trust when they use your site. Some of our packages may be better suited to you than others though – so if you’d like any help or advice just get in touch with our Support team.

What is SNI?

SNI, or Server Name Identification, allows multiple domains to use their own SSL certificates while sharing a single IP address. This technology is fully available on our current version of Plesk hosting.

How long will my SSL certificate last?

You can register most of our SSL certificates for one to two years at a time, and EV or Wildcard SSLs for one to two years at a time. Every time you renew a GeoTrust or Comodo SSL your expiry date is extended for one month, giving you 13 months’ SSL protection for the price of 12. However, if you pay for a two-year plan with us then you could save more.

What’s included in the price?

If you’re a Nublue hosting customer then your SSL certificate, installation, configuration and testing are all included in the price, as well as automatic monitoring and renewal for as long as you need it so that your site is never left unsecured. Please note that it’s your responsibility to supply any documentation that our SSL provider requires, and that while we install your SSL to your server, you’ll still need to integrate your SSL to your website yourself.

Are there different payment plans?

Yes – you can order SSLs for longer periods at a discount. Our EV and Wildcard SSLs can be ordered for up to two years at a time, while the rest of our SSLs can be ordered for up to two years at a time. Choosing a two-year plan could save you a substantial amount if you decide to cover the cost from the beginning.

What happens when I buy an SSL from you?

When you click on the SSL you’d like here on the page you’ll go through to an order form to give us some info about your domain, your company and your contact details. Here you’ll also choose whether you pay for your SSL every one or two years, depending on the SSL. Once we’ve received and verified your details we’ll order your SSL certificate from, or you can do this yourself if you prefer. At this stage you’ll need to present any proof and documentation the SSL provider may request to verify your site or business, and while we can advise you at this stage it would be up to you to send any documentation to complete the application. Once your SSL has been approved we’ll install it to your server and domain for you, then configure and test it to make sure it provides solid security on all browser devices. We’ll also renew your SSL automatically once your current subscription ends so that you don’t have to. Please be aware that while we will install your SSL to your server and domain, you’ll still need to configure your website to use the SSL. We can advise you on how to do this, but we won’t do this directly. .

What happens when my SSL is due for renewal?

You’ll be invoiced in advance when your SSL is due for renewal, and we’ll also contact you in advance so that we can get to work on renewing your SSL in the given time period.

I’m a Nublue hosting customer. Can I buy an SSL from another provider and install it myself?

Yes. You’re free to order your own SSL separately if you prefer, and install it yourself to the hosting we provide for you.

Can I take an SSL with me if I switch my hosting provider?

Yes. If you’re cancelling your hosting with us or moving to another hosting provider then you’re free to take your SSL with you if you prefer.