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The benefits of upgrading to Plesk Onyx

Raoul Martin

Author Raoul Martin

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At Nublue, we’ve been partnered with Plesk for nearly 10 years and the Plesk Control Panel is used to help manage your hosting solutions. The aim of Plesk Onyx is to make the software more reliable and a more secure tool for both web hosts and web owners.

Reasons you should upgrade your control panel to the latest version include:

  • Version End of Life
  • Security
  • Extensions
  • Anti-Spam
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • PHP Updates
  • Secure Email

End of Life

Plesk 12 and Plesk 12.5 are in their ‘End of Life’ (EOL) stage of production. This means there will not be any further updates available for these versions of the control panel and it will no longer supported by Plesk itself.


If any security problems are found in these older versions of Plesk, in the future there will not be a patch to resolve the issue. Updating your Plesk software to the latest version is the only way you can be sure you are not at risk of security threats.

Extensions, Extensions, Extensions!

In Plesk Onyx, the Extensions Catalogue has grown considerably over the past few years, providing more powerful and configurable extensions. Additional features can be added for security, server monitoring and WordPress Management all with a few clicks!


New to Plesk Onyx is the ability to add additional DNS records to help reduce the amount of spam on the internet. DKIM email signing, DMARC policy and SRS are all now supported in this version. These can also add additional verification on who is sending an email and where it’s from.

Free SSL Certificates

At Nublue we like to save you the stress of trying to manage multiple features of your hosting solution, that’s why with our Plesk Onyx setup we’ve now included the ability to setup free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. These can save you both money and hassle as it will allow you to secure your website without jumping through the hoops of a paid for SSL. More details about this can be found here.

“Plesk Onyx is not only easier for you to use, allowing for great features such as free SSL certificates and built-in WordPress integration, but it also provides a number of included security improvements upon both Plesk 12 and 12.5, such as Fail2Ban and ModSecurity. This makes it much easier for us to manage the server to the best of our abilities, and to continue to provide you our top-notch support for as long as possible!” David Allewell, Technical Support Technician

PHP Updates

PHP is one of the biggest coding languages used in today’s online world. In the past few years, updates to PHP versions have provided a huge benefit for performance and resource used on a server. Newer versions of Plesk Onyx support up to PHP 7.3 which could significantly increase your websites’ speed when updated.

Secure Email

Plesk Onyx now has the ability to setup an SSL Certificate to handle secure email. This can easily be setup within Plesk without complex commands allowing you to send emails via an encrypted connection.


We will shortly be rolling out an upgrade plan to all of our clients but to get ahead of the crowd please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can discuss the process of the upgrade.