Our clients expect fast, friendly technical support on high-performance hosting from people who speak their language.

You’re the kind of person who just loves to help – translating even the most complex technical issues into plain English for anyone you speak to. The only thing that’s more important to you than fast, secure, high-performance hosting is providing first-class service and helping people get the very best from their servers.

You’re searching for that one role that’ll really let you show the world your passion for a faster, safer web. We’re looking for individuals with complete conviction to help end users achieve their full potential online. Welcome to the team.

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Our reviews...


I really enjoy being part of a friendly and knowledgeable team who are easy to work with and who I can learn from and exchange ideas with. We're all really keen to go the extra mile for our clients and that shared work ethic makes for great morale day to day.

Our office

Things are always busy upstairs in our Hosting office – whether it’s fresh maintenance being carried out on our servers, a brand new product in development or clients on the phone asking about a new domain, security certificate, CDN or hosting upgrade. (Oh, and our spur-of-the-moment foosball tournaments.)

We operate Linux hosting packages on shared, VPS and managed dedicated Dell servers using ultra-fast enterprise-grade SSDs, configured with the Plesk control panel, MariaDB, Nginx & Apache and one-click installs via Installatron. We install Comodo and GeoTrust SSLs, provide domain registration and our own Smart Serve CDN service, and specialise in five-star rated hosting technical support by phone, email and live chat.

Above all we’re committed to providing the best possible hosting and support for our clients. We compete on quality, so people come to us knowing that they’ll receive the best service and support on high-end, high-performance business hosting. If you’ve always had a passion for the top-spec tools that give websites slick, seamless performance for their visitors, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet the Team

Liam Rushton Photo

Liam Rushton

Technical Support Agent

Liam currently studies Computer Network Technology at the University of Central Lancashire and brings his passion for online security and ethical hacking to his role as one of our expert hosting support agents. Outside the office Liam loves socialising and beating his friends in online games – and, in his own words, plays way more Pokemon and Destiny than any human should.

Reece Palmer Photo

Reece Palmer

Systems Operations Agent

Full-time computer fan Mr Palmer is an integral part of our support team, ensuring our clients get the best possible performance from their web hosting. Well versed in PHP, CSS and JavaScript, he’s also a keen reader, paintballer, PC gamer and builder… and, in his own words, watches an unhealthy amount of Netflix.

Matt Allen-Millbank Photo

Matt Allen-Millbank

Technical Support Agent

Matt’s a friendly, expert addition to our hosting support team, with years of experience providing top-notch technical support to end users. Outside the office he’s a keen skier and an avid cycler, and loves castles, historic landmarks and dry, dry comedy.

Cerwyn Gilasbey Photo

Cerwyn Gilasbey

Technical Support Agent

Having worked for AXA, TalkTalk and Legend Hosting for ten years before joining us, Cerwyn brings some hefty customer service experience (and award-winning jumpers) to the team. When he’s not discussing website mechanics with our hosting clients, Cerwyn’s all about movies, games, travelling… and Fawlty Towers.

Rickie James Photo

Rickie James

Systems Operations Agent

Rickie’s a natural people person and a part-time computer whisperer. Having worked as a flight attendant and as a tech support specialist for AI in Blackpool, Rickie’s a dab hand at good customer service and helping our clients resolve technical issues. He’s a keen gamer, a movie lover and, perhaps most importantly, a diligent brew maker.

Raoul Martin Photo

Raoul Martin

Systems Operations Agent

Hosting’s resident artist and all-round nice guy, Raoul’s worked in technical support for years and specialises in customer service, web hosting support and office foosball tournaments. When he’s not manning the phone, Raoul likes him some wrestling, some football and a dose of videogame goodness.

Paul Grant Photo

Paul Grant

Systems Lead

Paul is a natural troubleshooter and a Linux expert, and spends his days studying reams of code to make sure we’re always running efficient, well-managed servers for our clients.

Graham Bailey Photo

Graham Bailey

Hosting Lead

Graham’s mystical powers have our clients throwing great customer reviews our way on a regular basis. As a member of our support team, it’s his job to make sure our clients are happy with their website hosting. As well as being a movie lover and Desperado-style guitarist, Graham’s also a talented wordsmith and graphic novel connoisseur.

Ewan Macleod Photo

Ewan Macleod

Hosting Manager

Ewan’s been with Nublue for so long that he can actually manage our servers at a psychic level. It’s his job to make sure the hosting team keeps everything secure, backed up, documented, maintaining top-notch performance for our server clients. He attends a golf appreciation society, drools over ultra-HD screens and enjoys good whisky.

Brian Sheldon Photo

Brian Sheldon

Hosting Technical Sales Agent

If you’re in need of a new hosting option/server upgrade, Brian’s your man. With 35 years’ experience as a software engineer, customer services manager and technical services manager he brings some serious customer service expertise to the team. There’s almost nothing that he hasn’t either solved, upgraded, or barbecued.