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The time to start planning the next stage of your online strategy is now, but managing your website is a full-time job. With software innovations, design trends and new devices posing constant fresh challenges, it pays to stay ahead of the curve. But who has time to watch the curve? That’s where we come in.

A Nublue Monthly Development Retainer helps you engineer your growth online and means that your website’s ready to adapt to whatever’s coming next. The concept is simple – a pay monthly plan where we keep building the scale, scope and depth of your online presence in a way that fits the bigger picture.

Choose a plan that's right you

We tailor all of our plans to suit the needs of you and your business. Based on the number of support hours you want, our plans include a range of services. The chart below gives an idea of the kinds of support we could offer within each time plan, including a number of star features we feel are key to evolving your online presence.

If you're unsure what level of support you need, speak to one of our experts today and we can tailor a package for you.





Number of hours per month




Discount off Hourly Rate for additional hours




Technical / System Support & Fixes

Security Fixes

Browser Compatibility Testing & Fixing

Addition of content, pages, simple features & forms

Content Audits / Reviews

Analytics data analysis & reporting

User Experience Evaluation & Analysis

Website Healthchecks (Broken Links, Validation, SEO)

Content Management

Ecommerce Management (products, promotions, banners, discounts etc)


Delivery Reporting (where has your time been spent)

Project & Account Management

Extension Installation & Configuration

Small Development Tasks

Performance Enhancements

Digital Strategy Development

Customer Profiling

Competitor Analysis / Benchmarking

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Social Media Integration

Newsletter Template Design & Build

Proactive Ideas Generation


Significant Development Projects


Newsletter Management


Stakeholder meetings


Split Testing


Business Systems Integration



Business Process Automation



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The more hours you choose the more ways you can build your online business. The longer your contract, the more you’ll save. To make sure your package matches your ambitions talk to us before you buy.





3 Months

£500 / month

£1,000 / month

£1,750 / month

6 Months

£500 / month

£1,000 / month

£1,663 / month

12 Months

£500 / month

£950 / month

£1,619 / month

24 Months

£475 / month

£925 / month

£1,575 / month

Get strategic planning, expert consultation and proactive growth for your online presence.

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"Our ongoing development strategy with Nublue really brought our website on in leaps and bounds. They fixed our login features and updated our branding, and worked really hard to make sure our website performed much faster. The team were always ready with advice or support whenever we needed it. Fantastic results."

- Jason Gladwin / NHS