Nutricia first came to us to build a system to manage the sale of Souvenaid, a nutritional drink for people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Our client needed to balance control of their multiple sales avenues with the strict controls which dictate who can buy Souvenaid.

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Effective client and customer solution

They asked us to develop a central sales order processing system to bring their online and telephone orders together. Following the success of our first project we have continued to work with Nutricia, more recently reskinning their corporate website.

Custom Magento Admin Panel

Customers ordering Souvenaid by phone are taken through a strict process of checks required by law. The custom Magento admin panel we created guides Nutricia staff through the customer ordering process step by step, channelling conversations to ensure that every legal requirement is covered in a specific order. We designed the system specifically so that the only way for a customer or operator to complete an order is by completing all the steps required by law.

Integrated Safeguards

Souvenaid is classified as a food for special medical purposes, and its sale is strictly regulated. Every customer must be referred by a healthcare professional, meet certain age requirements and may only order specific amounts. It was essential that the system we created for our client checked to ensure that customers hadn’t made a prior order within a certain period of time, to prevent over-ordering. We incorporated all of these safeguards within the system’s admin panel, ensuring that customers pass multiple regulatory checks and notices whether they order Souvenaid online or by phone.

Engaging with Multiple Stakeholders

Nutricia’s Accounts team doesn't need to consult with the Regulatory Compliance department on a daily basis, but things were a little different during our development work on their new online system. Creating a system that brought together everyone from Sales and IT to external vendors meant that our client’s list of stakeholders grew and grew – which is why it was crucial that our project managers worked with all parties to keep them informed, focussed on priorities and driving towards the same deadlines.

Continued Support and Development

Since implementing the new Souvenaid website, we have maintained an excellent relationship with Nutricia, offering them ongoing support through one of our Monthly Development Retainers.

Following the success of this project, we have recently gone on to give the Nutricia UK corporate website a complete re-skin, giving the brand a fresh look and feel.