Is your site speed holding back your business?

First impressions are crucial, and the first thing your visitors notice about your website is its load speed. A slow site could be losing you business.

Smart Serve CDN can make your website faster, smoother and more responsive. More and more of our clients who use it are seeing significant increases in performance. Using a CDN, your site could rank higher in search engines, get more conversions and use less hosting resources. Most importantly, it gives your visitors a faster, more fluid user experience every time they use your website.

Content Delivery Networks outsource the work involved in serving your website. They offload your site’s static content including images and CSS, freeing up your hosting package to serve only the dynamic parts of your site. This results in less time and less hosting resource to put your website together on someone’s screen, whether they’re in London or Buenos Aires – and your website runs faster and smoother.

Smart serve CDN can:

  • Make any website load and perform noticeably faster
  • Give you increased conversions
  • Lower your site’s bounce rate
  • Allow your site to rank higher in search results
  • Improve site stability
  • Prevent crashes during busy times
  • Allow your site to perform more efficiently using less resources
  • Enable more users to connect to your site simultaneously
  • Speed up your site’s performance for users worldwide

Smart Serve CDN Packages

How it works

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Key features

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The ultimate add-on

Smart Serve CDN works on top of your existing hosting package to reduce the demand on your resources and give your site truly global reach.

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Free configuration

You can add and configure your Smart Serve CDN package yourself using our walkthrough guides, or we can do it for you at no extra cost.

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Faster loading

Smart Serve can give you noticeable improvements in your site’s load times and responsiveness. A faster site means happier customers – and more business.

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Global audiences

Smart Serve CDN can serve your site’s static content in other countries as if it’s hosted there, improving your site’s performance for international audiences.

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CMS integrations

It's compatible with WordPress, Magento, Joomla! and Drupal – so whichever content platform your site uses, we can integrate your CDN to work with it.

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Crash prevention

Having your site shared securely with a network of servers lightens the load on your resources – and means it’s much less likely to crash during times of peak traffic.

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Improved stats & seo

A faster, more responsive site can rank higher in search results and keep your visitors around longer. CDN has also been shown to decrease bounce rate and increase page views.

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Exceptional Support

Whichever package you choose, you can expect first-class personal support as standard from our independently rated hosting experts. Call, email or chat online – whichever is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Smart Serve CDN?

Smart Serve CDN is ideal if you’d like to improve your website’s performance overseas. The further away your visitors are in the world, the more improvement they will notice in the speed and responsiveness of your website. You could also notice significant improvements in website performance in your home country – but as every website has its own unique hosting requirements, we’d recommend that you get in touch if you’d like to know how much your website could benefit from Smart Serve CDN.

Which Smart Serve CDN package is right for me?

If you’re not sure which CDN package to choose from the options above, then we’d highly recommend that you get in touch with our support team to discuss your requirements for resource and performance. In this way we can make sure that your CDN is matched to your needs, and you aren’t paying for one package when another could suit you better.

How exactly does Smart Serve CDN work?

Once you purchase a CDN package and CDN is configured on your website, your site’s static content files (such as JavaScript, CSS and images) are transmitted from your Nublue server to a network of servers across the world. The contents of these files is cached securely on these overseas servers.

When someone brings up your website, their browser requests static files which are now linked to the CDN. The CDN redirects this browser request from your original Nublue server to the POP (point of presence) closest to your visitor.

How secure is Smart Serve CDN?

Serving your site in other countries through Smart Serve CDN is as secure as serving your site from your existing server in your own country.

Whether it serves in its native area or further afield, your site is more secure if it uses an SSL certificate to encrypt its content. We have a range of SSLs that we can add to your site, or we can configure your CDN package so that it works with your existing SSL. Alternatively, you can configure this yourself if you prefer using our step-by-step guides.

Do I need to modify my website or server to use Smart Serve CDN?

No. We change a CNAME DNS record of the CDN hostname which applies to your existing web hosting, which redirects visitors to the CDN instead of your original server (or you can change this CNAME record yourself if you prefer). Your visitor’s web browsers would then retrieve your website’s cached static content from CDN servers instead, in their part of the world.

How much can load times vary with Smart Serve CDN?

Load times really depend on how close a site visitor is to the nearest CDN server. The closer they are, the faster the site will load for them.

How do I pay for Smart Serve CDN?

You pay a set monthly price, which is paid through your hosting billing account.

How do I upgrade my Smart Serve CDN package?

You can upgrade your package quickly and easily at any time through your hosting billing panel – or you can get in touch if you’d like us to tailor a package more closely to your needs.

Will Smart Serve CDN work with an SSL certificate?

Yes. We can configure your package to work with your SSL-secured site, or you can follow our step-by-step guides if you’d like to configure this yourself.

What happens if I have an overage?

In most cases you’ll receive a daily email to let you know that you’ve gone over your limits, which will also give you advice on how to reduce your usage. If this overage continues then we’ll contact you directly to offer you advice, and if the solution is a server upgrade, we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish.