This guide will show you how to add a POP email account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

1) To start, let’s open up Thunderbird and select “Create a new account”.


2) Thunderbird will ask you if you wish to create a new email address, so select “Skip this and use my existing email”. In the next window you can add a name for your email account and enter your full email address and password.


3) Select POP3 configuration for your email and then click Manual config.


4) In the following menu, you’ll need to ensure that the hostname for both the incoming and outgoing mail server is set to The incoming port number should be set to 110 and the outgoing port number should be 587. If Thunderbird has filled in these port numbers with anything other than the above settings, you’ll need to update them.

You’ll also need to update the settings for SSL to “NONE” for both outgoing and incoming servers. Finally the authentication method for both incoming and outgoing servers should be set to “Normal password”. When you’re done your settings should look like this:


Please note that your username should remain your account name WITHOUT the full URL of your email address. In this example the email address we’re setting up is but the username needs to be just “nublue”.

5) Select “Done”. Following this you may need to confirm a security risk since there we’ve chosen not to use encrypted authentication.


6) And you’re done!


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