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FishPig – Magento WordPress Integration

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Magento WordPress Integration by developer FishPig is an extension for Magento eCommerce that integrates your WordPress blog with your Magento store. The extension is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community Edition. It is completely free to use and install. You can associate your blog posts to your products, categories and pages and display these associated on your shop, which provides a more meaningful and engaging experience to a customer’s shopping experience. It also opens communication and can help improve SEO.

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It copies across the Magento theme and brings it across dynamically (headers, footers, menus), so changes are in sync.  This reduces costs of manually integrating a blog. This means when customers switch between your store and your blog, it feels like part of the same site.

The single sign-on lets an admin log in to both with one account. You log in to Magento, and there is a button for WordPress (in which you see the WordPress panel).

It brings in “blocks” from Magento content to WordPress (like “recent viewed items”), so the blog still maintains that store feel. It also brings across all WordPress features for the blog section of the store, and popular plugins like WordPress SEO, Contact Form 7, Add This and more.

There are a number of extensions available for the integration. The Multisite Integration extension lets you link a separate blog for each multi-store you have. The Customer Synchronisation extension lets any user log in to either site, meaning Magento customers are synchronised and can log in to WordPress.

Our developers work with WordPress and Magento on a regular basis, and can work with you to build your website. Contact us to find out more.


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