After our fantastic NuBlue Christmas party held in the Lancaster House Hotel (on the ominous Friday 13th!), we’re deep into the Christmas spirit. No really, we’ve got bits of tinsel strewn about the office and everything.

Here we impart our wisdom, not on web hosting practices, not on design work, but on making the most of the winter break.

1. Don’t spend days in front of a computer*

Come on now, you probably do enough of that at work. Now is the time to save your eyes from the strain of a computer, and look at some cringey Christmas special with your family instead. Don’t be anti-social. If you must be anti-social, crack open a book in front of the fireplace.

2. Don’t work

If you’ve booked time off, keep to it. That means no peeking at emails, no checking sales, no early planning for projects in the New Year. This is your time, enjoy it! Unless you absolutely must do routinely checks depending what your work is, avoiding work stress is exactly why you took time off in the first place. To be rather philosophical, life is more than a cycle of work, spend, exist and repeat. Use the break to do what you really want.

3. Remember your inner child**

If you’ve got kids, you have the perfect excuse to build a pillow fort and hide in it for a good duration of your holidays. Even if you don’t have them, do it anyway. Play with Lego. Paint a picture using your nose and thumbs. Play games. Be creative. Laughter is an amazingly simple mood booster. And it’s good for you, too.

4. Evade in-law arguments


5. Every delicious piece of Turkey, every glass of wine, every roast potato is made for you and you alone

At least that’s what you tell yourself. Come New Year’s and too many people berate themselves for over-indulging, desperately adding “gym” to their resolutions. Food is there to be enjoyed (obvious advice, I know). Whether you’ve cooked it or someone else has, throw away that anxiety holding you back from nibbling an extra chocolate or two.

Merry Christmas everyone!


*Unless you got a really really good computer game

**We will not be held responsible for carpets covered in paint and glitter

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