Pinterest is a rapidly emerging social medium on the web. But what do online businesses know about Pinterest? Do they know how to use it? Is Pinterest good for your business?

Pinterest is an online pin board where you can create your own board and pin your interests based on images online. You can share your pin boards with friends and you can also search others users pin boards with the same interests.  You can like, comment on someone’s pin and/ or repin it.

Each pin board usually has its own theme and thus you can pin your interests according to your boards theme. On Pinterest you can follow other users with the same interests or specific boards.

Pinterest homepage

According to the latest Pinterest Stats, by Repinly on the 1st of November, 2012 the most popular categories on pins and boards are the following:

Pinterest Category Statistics

Usage of Pinterest for your Business

High Growth Rate

The statistics speak out! Pinterest continues to grow at a phenomenal pace exactly as it did in the first 10 months of its launch where it managed to amass 13 million users in the US. Today, Pinterest has 20,500,000 million monthly active users and around 4,400,000 daily active users.

Social tool rate of growth statistics

Users spend lots of time on Pinterest

On January 2012, the average time the user spent on Pinterest was 98 minutes per month, while in February it was the third social medium according to time spent, behind Facebook and Tumblr. As can be seen in the above diagram, in terms of growth Pinterest far exceeds other traditional social media, perhaps due to it being a relatively recent phenomenon.

How Users Spend Their Time Pinterest Statistics

Users’ Demographic Characteristics

Around 68% of Pinterest users in the US are women as well as 97% of its fans on Facebook. However, in the UK the majority of users are men around 56%. The largest demographic for UK users are between ages 25 – 34 years old, the majority of the users have graduated from a college and they live off a household income of £25 – 75k (Hanson, 2012).  All demographics are very important in order to target the appropriate segment.

Clearly Identified Interests

On Pinterest there is no talking. It is a social media which focuses on visual sharing, observing and reaching ideas. Every user’s interests can be clearly identified through their pin boards and the categories they have liked. Most users spend their time in Pinterest on pinning, then liking and finally commenting. Furthermore, according to the latest results UK users have different interests compared to US users. Finally, buyers referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy something and tend to spend 10% more on average than other social media users.

UK vs US Pinterest User Prominent Interests

Marketing Tips

1. Make a time investment

Pinterest can be a very useful and easy social network. However, you should be prepared to invest a good portion of time in it to ensure it is properly effective for your business. You should make sure that your photos are connected to your brand and are also linked with other popular pins and boards in order to attract more followers. Therefore, daily monitoring of your Pinterest presence is important.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity on your Pinterest profile will make it easier for your followers to understand your business and follow your interests. This will in turn increase the likelihood that what you are offering will become an interest of the consumer. Use the About Section to simply describe your business using the appropriate keywords. Once in a while make sure you upload your own brand’s images (your products, advertisements, videos) and adjust your file name with your targeted key phrase.

3. Link your profile to other social media

After you have developed a good pin board remember to connect it with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Simply go to the Settings menu on Pinterest, find the social networks section and switch the ‘Login with Facebook’ option to on and also switch the ‘Publish activity to Facebook timeline’ option to on. Then, you just need to approve the association within your Facebook account, so that Pinterest and Facebook are linked to each other. The same procedure applies for Twitter. Pinterest, also, understands hashtags, therefore make sure you use them in your pin description. This will make your pin appear in Twitters search results.

4. Make your pin a gift

Remember to include a price if you sell a product that you have pinned. By adding the “$” in front of the price it will automatically add your pin to the Gifts section on Pinterest. Therefore, whenever it is applicable, remember to include the dollar sign to your pins. Unfortunately, all prices should be converted into dollars in order to be included in the Gifts section. In addition, according to some research pins which include a price tend to have 36% more likes (Strong, 2012).

5. Variety is the spice of life

Create a variety of boards for different product lines and also use some images or videos from your own website. Always remember to include the appropriate keywords. Use several sources to pin and always include a link to the uploaded pins. Do not use more than 200 characters for your description as long descriptions tend to upset many Pinners. Finally, remember that Pinterest is a social medium and thus re-pin, like and comment your followers’ or others’ images.

6. Promote Pinterest on your website

Add the “Follow” and “Pin it” button to your websites as well as to all your products in order to allow people share your contents.

7. Plan your pins

Statistics have shown that the best times to pin are early mornings, late at night and Saturday mornings. These hours can approve some other statistics that have shown that most pins happen from home. (Pachal, 2012) As with every social network, there is an application that you can schedule your pins on Pinterest:

8. Use Pinterest for a competition idea

Pinterest can be easily used to run an effective contest. Keep it simple, make it creative, promote it through your websites or your other social media, make sure that your links will direct traffic back to your website and you are done. You can use Pinterest as a promoting tool for new products. A new product line could be advertised through your board and you could ask your followers to provide you with reviews and you could offer them the opportunity to be the first to try your products.


    • A few days ago Pinterest introduced “Pinterest Business Accounts” in order to make its users’ lives easier. With this new tool you can combine business and personal accounts and have a tidy social medium.
    • Engage with your followers. Create contributors and let them publish on your boards.

Pinterest Contributors Input Box


If your business and your products and/ or services can be promoted through images, graphics, videos and your target audience is mostly women then Pinterest can be a very good tool for your business. If not, then there is not a strong reason for your business to be included in another social medium; it could very well be a waste of time.

There is definitely an appropriate social network for your business; you just need to find the one that you can be yourself and where you can express your brand through that. Is Pinterest good for you then?

Please leave us a comment with your thoughts, your questions and anything else you would like to add and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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